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  1. Cube ice, nugget ice, flake ice--you name it. There's a commercial ice machine head that will meet your expectations to a T. Each unit differs in production capacity. There are units that can produce pounds of ice, while supersized, high-performance commercial ice machine heads can supply with you up to 3, pounds of ice in a hour period.
  2. Ice-O-Matic Elevation CIMFA 30" Air-Cooled Full Cube LB Ice Machine Head Scotsman FA-1 Prodigy Plus Series /16" Air Cooled Flake Ice Machine - LB.
  3. Ice-O-Matic ICEFWDELETE Modular Cube Ice Machine featuring Condensing Unit, Superior Construction, Cuber Evaporator, Harvest Assist and Filter-Free Air in Stainless Steel Finish Ice-O-Matic ICEFWDELETE.
  4. Ice Machine Head (Short Edit) Ice Machine Head (Club Cube) Ice Machine Head (Original Version) Ice Machine Head (Short Cube) /5(41).
  5. When assessing your ice maker needs, you may want to begin by considering the three main styles of ice machines currently on the market. Depending on your available space, volume demands, and storage capacity needs, you can choose between a modular or ice machine head, an undercounter ice machine, or a countertop ice dispenser.
  6. The Ice Kiosk is our mid-sized model, combining the appeal of the Ice Express with the reliable internal components of the Ice House. The Ice Kiosk is versatile because it offers different ice bin capacity options and the choice to use either 1, 2, or 3 ice makers. The Ice Kiosk is perfect for smaller locations that cannot fit the Ice House model.
  7. V Commercial Ice Maker 88LBS/24H Stainless Steel Commercial Ice Machine with 33lbs Storage Capacity Industrial Ice Maker Machine Auto Clean for Bar Home Supermarkets out of 5 stars 49 $ - $
  8. Jul 01,  · Air space clearances at back and sides of ice machine. Must have a minimum of 5 inches clearance around all sides and top of machine. Ice machine not level side to side, back to front. Level the machine. Air-cooled condenser dirty. Clean the condenser. Ice machine not .